Connor HD
Connor HD
Musician, Audio Engineer, Video Artist, Sonic Explorer

Connor HD is an incredibly versatile, creative, well-networked musician, fine artist, and community organizer. Unassuming and insightful in person, dominating and energetic on stage -- from Calgary's Sled Island to Austin's SXSW, Connor is an accomplished independent musician, audio engineer, and Contemporary Experimental Electronic Music (CEEM) artist. As of 2018, he also works as a technician at Studio Bell, Home of the National Music Center in Calgary, AB.

Connor utilizes obsolete music technologies; expression-based improvised performance; experimental composition and scoring; analogue video and glitch manipulation; and, synthesis as a part of his alter ego Cosmo Duff. He has worked across multiple platforms including independent, main stream, live, and recorded music, film, theatre, improv, print, and animation in Canada and the United States. He researches post WWII experimental music, audio playback systems, and music technology lineage. 

Feel free to get in touch about music commissions, production or engineering projects or just to say hi.