2018- A Year of Exploration and Discovery

2018 started with a real bang for me. I had just come off of a week long tour with the band Bummer Club across Alberta, wrapping up our last date on New Year's with all of our friends. I felt inspired. I felt ready to create. Then I found out my studio in Lethbridge had flooded while I was away.


Some music god must have been looking out for me though, as thankfully very little of the gear in the studio was damaged at all. This meant, however, that I now had no place to really make or create music, so I packed up a bare bones kit of gear and headed to Calgary to live with my family until the renovations of the house could be completed. As of this writing I'm still not sure when I'll be able to return home.

Despite this I've tried my best to continue to be productive, and while my presence online has been a bit lacking, I've kept myself busy meeting with musical friends in the city and various events that I can lend my musical/ engineering abilities to. Just this weekend I wrote some music for a game created at the Calgary chapter of the Global Game Jam (the title track you can hear in the "Noise" section of this site). 

I finally feel like I've settled into something of a routine here and I'm ready to get started on the most demanding project I've ever taken on. I'm a little nervous, but mostly excited to work on a piece of art that I really believe in. I'll be (hopefully) working with some of the most driven and passionate artists in Canada on an amazing bit of music. On top of this, I'm developing something of a schedule for releasing content- music, videos, posts and the like. I want to be more present online and in my professional life as a musician. Look out for cool and/or weird stuff from yours truly very soon! 

Thanks to everyone who continues to support me in my strange and beautiful journey. I have a lot of love for my friends and family. 

Connor HD

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