Upcoming Shows

March 14 2019- Lethbridge AB- The Owl Acoustic Lounge with Splash Zone

April 10 2019- Lethbridge AB- With Cosmo Duff

Past Shows  

Jan 18 2019- Lethbridge AB- The Slice- Live Visuals for Rainbow Patrol

Dec 31 2018- Calgary AB- Klein/Harris with Splash Zone

Dec 29 2018- Calgary AB- Buckingjam Palace

November 2 2018- Calgary AB- Tubby Dog with Splash Zone

November 1 2018- Lethbridge AB- The Zoo presents AES Fest with Splash Zone

September 8 2018- Calgary AB- Dickens Pub with Orbit the Fox & Splash Zone

June 7 2018- Hamburg, Germany- Klingt Gut! Symposium on sound with Cosmo Duff

May 22 2018- Montreal QC- Concordia University with the Tenor Performers Lab

April 21 2018- Lethbridge AB- Eat Your Veggies Fest

March 21 2018- Lethbridge AB- CKXU Fundrive Wrap-Up party with Splash Zone

March 2nd 2018- Lethbridge AB- The Owl Acoustic Lounge- with Jane Doe

December 31 2017- Lethbridge AB- The Garage with Bummer Club

December 30 2017-Calgary AB- Nite Owl with Bummer Club

December 29 2017-Saskatoon SK- Saskatoon indoor skate park with Bummer Club

December 28 2017- Edmonton AB- Sewing Machine Factory with Bummer Club

December 27 2017- Medicine Hat AB- Swim Headquarters with Bummer Club

November 30 2017- Lethbridge AB- The Owl Acoustic Lounge with Jane Doe

And many more over the course of a 15 year performance career