Telematic I/O: Tiny Compositions in the City of Ohm


Telematic I/O: Tiny Compositions in the City of Ohm



Contemporary Experimental Electronic Music (CEEM) for Younger Composers


Imagining, creating, and recording music, sound, and noise using telematic dialogues in the City of Ohm.


The goal of the workshop is to provide CEEM literacies and to create CEEM compositions with young students. Included are sharing the ideas of telematic composition; information about Vilém Flusser, the father of networked creativity; and expressing that sound, music and noise composition is for everyone!


To promote and provide greater access to and appreciation of CEEM and telematics composition to young creatives, their educators, friends and families.

To play and experiment with musical, sound, and noise designs that are not governed by music’s ‘rules’.

To encourage confidence in one’s abilities to voice, compose, and contribute cherished creative works.


Find (3) interesting sounds (--and the objects that make them) in your home or at school that one thinks are interesting. They should fit in a backpack or be easy to carry. Obvious and accidental instruments or objects are welcome.


Cosmo Duff, a music and sound hu(man)-machine has crash-landed in the City of Ohm. In Ohm, people have transferred their ability to communicate into electrical and power transmissions. Those left behind to maintain the technology, filled with envy, abandon the experiment and the system. In a flawed, and unreliable soundscape, Cosmo Duff on Terra Firma explores the City that is sonically untethered and exposed. Student’s become Cosmo’s first ‘landing party’, explorers themselves reacting to, finding sonic tools and instruments, and (re-)organizing sound, noise and music, or capturing interesting disharmonies. In the City of Ohm, experimentation and playing what feels right is valued and available to the very young. Together with Cosmo, students create and record their telematic dialogue. 


Before meeting Cosmo, on campus/in class, at least two exercises are available to educators. The first creative exercise involves encouraging a class to imagine and create their own City of Ohm through a variety of artistic expression – creative writing, drawing, movement, etc. imagining an outer space exploration and a robotics-type environment, for example if they were tiny enough to explore a circuit board. Next, students can be encouraged to listen to sounds and sound recordings from everyday objects, sharing their impressions/stories/emotions associated with these sound explorations.

The Program:

Students have been prepared to meet Cosmo. With a friend, or in small groups they share their City of Ohm stories, illustrations, and sources of sound and music. Cosmo will then share his story. Students will divide into two groups. Concurrently, students can explore Cosmo’s sound and listening lab with their educators, experimenting with new objects. The other concurrent section will involve recording 30 seconds of their sounds with Cosmo.  In the final section of the session, Cosmo will assemble, compose with and perform a series of compositions with the inputs from and for students.   


With the consent of parents, compositions will be integrated into the City of Ohm Chamber Series 2018.

(c) Connor Harvey-Derbyshire

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